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Sudden death

My Volvo suddenly quit as I was driving. I rolled to the curb, put it in Park and after a few minutes, it started perfectly although it idled it strangely. My mechanic test drove it and it stalled twice but he could find no diagnostic code. He replaced the fuel injection relay. When I drove it home from the repair shop, it stalled. I appreciate any feedback.

I had a V70XC, 1998 with the 5 cyl. turbo engine, that had these symptoms. It needed a new Mass Airflow Sensor. Eventually it stalled and won’t restart.

Dear Uncle Turbo:

Was your V70 repaired with the new Mass Airflow Sensor? Thanks for your input.


Do the dash displays etc. stay lit when it stalls? If not maybe ignition switch.
Stall with no codes could also be crank or cam position sensor, or ignition module.

The dash displays all remain lit when it stalls. Thanks for the possibilities with no codes.

Yes, it did resolve my problem. I did have check engine light with codes in the computer (don’t recall what they were) that my shop reset a couple of times before determining the MAP was the problem.

Since you are not getting codes you may have a different problem. If you don’t already know the Volvos are trouble prone and expensive to repair. They are hard to part with since the body looked great and the seats the best of any car out there, but the repair bills just got to be too much for me on a retired fixed income. I sold mine about this time last year.