Volkswagon Headlights from #1052

A caller had a problem with a Volkswagon after installing stronger headlights requiring her to hot-wire the lights which then caused her tail light to stop working.

The problem with older Volkswagons (I have a 1987 Vanagon) is that there are no headlight relays! The hot wire runs right through the switch on the column. With stronger headlights, the wires heat up and the connector melts causing loss of connection. My windshield wipers were even affected! This explains why she had to hot wire the lights and in the process may have inadvertently disconnected the tail-lights.

To fix the problem, install a headlight relay, replace the melted connector and check the rest of the wiring to ensure the tail lights are hooked up.

When I hear about someone needing or wanting, stronger headlamps that OEM, I have to wonder how old are they and have they had their vision checked especially for night vision. It may be time to step down and no longer drive at night. Please don’t say that you can’t do that. Please don’t risk my life and the lives of those who might ride with you.

That said, modern cars in the US seldom have good headlamp design. Back in the old days, I just replaced my standard 7" headlamps with 7" E-Code lamps. Great difference and less glare for oncoming traffic. Today we get plastic covered lamps that are almost impossible to change the lamp and that get hazy and yellowed with use, Cost of replacing those covers could go a long way towards a down payment on a new car.

Volkswagen, Please. Sorry, It’s Like Fingernails On A Chalkboard To An Old Volkswagen Guy.

Meanwhile I’ll stick with my Ferd Mostang.

“Cost of replacing those covers could go a long way towards a down payment on a new car.”

Unfortunately it’s not just the covers that have to replaced. It’s the whole !^&($#$$$@ headlight.