I have a 2001 zo6 vette with 11,500 miles. Despite four oil changes (all at the dealership) the oil pump seized. Chevy said it wolud not be covered due the car being too old. I know this is the policy but shouild I be upset with Chevrolet for an oli pump that lasts only 11,500 miles? I’ve been on a letter writing campaign and just sent a registered letter to Mr. Wagoner. Am I wasting my time? Bruce Kent San Diego, CA


You could be wasting your time. Four oil changes in seven years isn’t a stellar record, although I seem to be trying for that with my lawn tractor. The oil pump failure seems to just be bad luck, but in my first sentence, maybe ten or twelve oil changes…


That warranty is an agreement between you and the manufacturer. It is for a specific time or miles as written. It is seven years old. It is not just miles, but also age that can cause failure. I would also suggest you may have failed your part when it comes to oil changes. Does your owner’s manual not say something like "Change the oil every 7,000 miles or once a year whichever comes first?

The warranty is over and it would appear even if it were a 10 year warranty, you would not be covered as I suspect you failed to get the prescribed oil changes. 

We would all like everything to last a long long time, but in real life it does not.


You waited almost 2 years on average to change the oil. That may have had an effect on the oil pump. I suggest you change it at least once per year. I don’t think that GM will give you a new oil pump, unless you played on their heartstrings with a sad story about your dashed high expectations for your life-long desired Corvette. Even then it is iffy.


Have you tried the dispute resolution process? Check your manual and is should be described. Your state may have laws that affect warranties, also. Going a formal route may get you some compromise where GM will kick in some portion of the repair.


Open your owner’s manual. I am sure it says something like oil change every 5,000 miles or XX months, whichever comes first. Which came first? You failed to follow the basic maintenance instructions.


Agreed that this is an unreasonably short life for an oil pump. However, your warranty expired (on months, not miles) several years ago. Therefore, GM no longer is responsible for repairs.


…just curious…do you need a new oil pump or do you need a new engine?


And, even if the warranty was still in effect, failure to change the oil as specified in the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule would void the warranty.


…are you still there, Bruce?


I know this is the policy

It is sort of like your boss saying I know it is our policy to work only 8 hours a day, but I want you to work 9 and not pay you any extra.


I think the OP abandoned us when we didn’t give him the answer he wanted.


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