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Vw jetta transmission story

this isn’t a discussion, just a comment. I have a 2001 vw jetta, manual transmission that was popping out of 5th gear. I have a 10 year,100,000 mile warranty. I brought it to Boston Volkswagon,where I bought the car. They told me they may have to charge me 600 dollars to diagnose the problem and that it may not be covered under the waranty. At this point,I walked out and brought it to Wellesley Volkswagen and they fixed it for $0 no charge, no questions asked, and all under waranty. For anywone that needs to go to a dealer in the greater Boston area for repairs, I highly recommend Wellesely Volkswagen.

Great… when do you get your check from Wellesely? Why don’t you tell us what they fixed.