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Volkswagen Passat 2002 GLS (Wagon)

I drove My volkswagen passat 2002 for about 80 miles, turn the engine off and after 15 minutes when I turn the engine on trying to drive off, the vehicle started emmitting a lot of smoke. I tried several times but the smoke will not stop. Can any one help me with an answer to this problem?

Try changing the PCV valve.

Has the engine light come on? Is the smoke white, blue or black? Check the level and condition of your oil, is it low, does it look foamy? Is your coolant level where it should be?

The color of the smoke tells a lot.

Black on your car will likely be fuel (too much) white is usually water (coolant or other) and blue oil.

Is this engine the 1.8T(label on back) and color of smoke?

If so may be your turbo leaking oil(black/blue smoke) or water(white smoke) past its seals into intake side of your turbo.

I took it to the Volkswagen Dealer and after diagnosis they told me that the TURBO is bad and needs to be replaced.