Volkswagen Oil Filters?

I have a 2007 VW Rabbit, and in the owner’s manual there’s a mention about specific oil filters that have to be used when changing the oil for this particular car. Is this bupkis? I’ve always just headed down to Napa and grabbed a regular ol’ oil filter off the shelf.

If napa’s application says it fits your car, as long as they’re not guessing or matching it up, then it’s as right as it can be.

I have not heard of that one. What exactly does it say?

Take it for what it is worth since I am not talking VW. I have seen complaints from Ford engine operators that the anti drain-back valves in some aftermarket filters are not as good as in the Motorcraft filters. They can tell by the upper end clatter on start-up. I am lucky that I can get the Motorcraft filters at a place other than the dealer so I don’t have to spend much for them and I stick with them for FoMoCo engines.