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2008 VW Jetta Oil Filter Change

Hi, I am changing the oil filter on my 2008 VW Jetta, and the replacement filter just doesn’t fit. I checked the filter guide online, and it seems the guy sold me the right filter, but this filter is simply too long (by the end caps).

Hey, figured out the issue. It turns out that the old filter used to have some end caps, and the darned things had come loose in the filter housing. I worked out the old end caps, and the new filter now “fits”. Whoodathunkit!

I wonder how effective these filters are if they fall apart in the housing…

I don’t know what you mean for sure, but as an experiment spend the couple of extra bucks on an oem filter and see if that works. I bought an aftermarket gas filter I had to zip tie in place, as the filter was bigger than oem that fit in the holding point.

Good question! I really hate it, I spent most of the afternoon trying to figure out why I had the wrong filter, only to figure out that I had the right one but that the old one was absolute crap. The darned thing came apart in my hands as I was removing it! It actually came out in chunks. I hate to even think what that did to my engine.

I will probably take the time to get an OEM filter, but I found 2 that are supposed to fit the car, one from FRAM and one from NAPA. Both companies have been accurate for me in the past, and it seems unlikely that both would be incorrect by the same margin.

This problem was quite common with BMW’s around year 2000. You would take pieces of the filter element out in chunks. Never saw it develope into an engine damage situation