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Volkswagen ABS Module

This is a tip for other Volkswagen owners who get the dreaded ABS fault code 01435 and/or G 201 (failed brake pressure sensor). This just happened to my sister, and the VW dealer diagnosed it and told her the only fix was to replace the entire ABS module at a cost of $2500. (The brake pressure sensor is inside the module and cannot be replaced by itself).

I did some online research and found this is a common failure mode for the VW ABS module. I also found an international company called BBA Remanufacturing that will rebuild the VW ABS module and warrant the repair for as long as the current owner owns the vehicle.

As luck would have it, their US repair center is just down the road from me, in Taunton, MA, so I pulled my sister’s ABS module out of her car and drove it over to them. They rebuilt the module in one day for $440, and I had it back in her car the next day. Bleeding the brakes was a pain because so much air had gotten into the brake lines, but after I got all the air out, I took the car to the dealer and had them flush all the old brake fluid out and put in new fluid.

All told, the repair ended up costing around $800 (VW diagnostic fee, BBA Reman’s repair, VW’s fee for new brake fluid), versus VW’s quote of $2500 for a new ABS module.

I have no connection whatsoever to BBA Remanufacturing. I’m just sharing my experience in case anyone else has this problem with their VW ABS module and doesn’t have $2500 to spend on a new module.