2000 VW Passat ABS Electric System Replacement

Two months ago the VW dealership replaced my girlfriends brake pads for $900. This past weekend the ABS and brake warning light came on. We took it to the same VW dealership. They claim the following:

1)abs electrical system needs to be replaced = 1,005.00 (excluding tax)

2)60,000 mi. check-up = 320.00

3)brake fluid needs to be flushed = 150.00

My question, wouldn’t they have detected this problem, when replacing the brake pads two months back. Also, brake fluid, same thing, detected two months ago?

What should we do? Should I buy the ABS module myslef ($200) and have a local VW mechanic install it? Any help would be appreciated.

Justin Greger

Arlington, VA

Well if the light was not on two months ago, likely there was not a problem then for them to find.

Could you get the actural code that the light indicated? That could help a lot, someone may be able to tell you if that cost is reasonable and what exactly might be needed.

$320 for a 60,000 mile check up sounds very high to me. My 60,000 mile service on my VW cost closer to $50.00 and I did it in a couple of easy hours.

If the brake fluid is original, you are past due for a replacement, but as I recall I had VW replace my brake fluid for about $80.00 so I let them do it to avoid doing it myself.

There is no need to have VW do all this stuff. You likely would be far better off with a local independent mechanic doing the work.

It states from my mechanics fax to me. sporadic code 01203. insert electrical connection. no signal. needs abs control module replaced.