Volks jetta clicking noise after engine shutoff

hello all, first time here.

I have a 2000 volkswagen jetta 4 cyl and when I shut off the engine, what I believe to be the air compressor for the air conditioner starts an erratic clicking noise. sometimes it doesn’t click at all, sometimes a little. I’ve had to jump start the car twice because I believe this may be running down my battery. I have no idea why this is happening or what the possible outcome will be…help! and thanks in advance.

Ray has said on the show that noises coming from under the dash after the engine is turned off is frequently something faulty w/the air vent doors. A mechanic can easily do a phantom current test to see if the battery is being drained when the car is parked and off. My guess is the non-start is a coincidence, not related to the clicking noise.

I would suspect the alternator, specifically a bad diode in it. Go down to the local auto parts supercenter and have them test it, that will eliminate the battery and alternator.

I just did an alt in my '02.