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2008 Jetta "growling" when turned off

Have a 2008 Volkswagen Jetta. 140,000 miles. Bought in 2009 with 20,000 miles on it. Never had any major issues with the car.
Within the past couple of weeks it has started to make a “growling” noise when I turn the car off. It growls for about 10 seconds after turned off and then goes quiet. Any ideas what this might be and what it costs to have it fixed?

Yes. I did a little research on such noises and found that there are valves that deal with emissions and fuel vapors. Yours has an issue. This may help.

Which engine do you have? 2.5 L CBTA? 2.5 L CBUA? If you have a GL1 w/a turbo, which engine?

The noise you hear might be from the electric auxiliary water pump.

This water pump will run after the engine is shut off, depending on the coolant temp.


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I believe it’s a 2.5 L