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Clicking Under Steering Wheel and Car Battery Dying

Hi, I’ve been having several issues with my 06 Jetta. First, it began by the car dying out of battery, and than i figured out that during the night the break lightswitch would turn on. I would be able to turn them off by getting in and pressing the breaks but they turn on a while after. Now, today I purchased a stoplight switch to replace the old one however, when I recharged my battery before installing the piece the car died a few minutes later, but when the car was off there was a strange clicking sound under the steering wheel it kept clicking for about 10 minutes before it finally stopped. What could be a possible issue or issues that are going on?

The clicking under the dash area could be a heater/AC blend door actuator that is acting up. Could be a relay too. either would bemorelikely if the battery voltage is low b/c the battery is discharged. That confuses the circuitry and can cause odd behavior like this.

Suggest to focus as a first step on making sure the brake light doesn’t come on when the car’s not in use. And that you are working with a fully charged and good battery. Once you have those under control, if you still have symptoms post back here.

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Forgot to respond, but that same day that’s exactly what I did. After the sensor was fixed the break lights didn’t turn back on, on their own. That was what was causing all of the issues, thank you!

Good for you for getting the problem resolved. Happy motoring.

My 2002 Sienna a couple years ago one day the whole engine compartment started emitting clicking noises. I had never in my life seen such a thing. In the end, it was the bad battery doing it. new battery, no more clicking.