Viper Engine immobilizer alarm Vs a Kill switch?

I am considering installing a Viper Engine immobilizer alarm or Kill/cut off switch.
Any thoughts or other suggestions other than a tracking device.
Thank you

Tracking device

save your money. if they are going to steal it, they will just tow it.


A simple web search will get you plenty of articles that point out that after market alarms are a waste of money. OK , so you hear it go off in the nidle of the night is the chance that you will be harmed or even killed comfronting a car theif , I think not . But it is your money so make your own decision .

Add on electronics eventually lead to electrical problems.


A hidden kill switch is cheaper and just as effective.

Won’t stop a tow, though, but at least you didn’t spend a bunch of money and still lose the car.

A tracker isn’t much better. Pros can strip and dump a car faster than you can get busy cops to go and look for it. And they know every hiding place for trackers.


After my son’s car was stolen, I spent about $5 and wired up a hidden switch to shut the fuel pump off. I think we put a security system in it too if I remember right but with the kill switch they would never get it started before draining the battery. Most of the punks stealing cars either are joy riding or grabbing the contents to sell. They seldom have access to a tow. The kill switch worked well.

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Kill switch is about $15 at Parts store
Shop wants $60 to install
Advantage less complicated to cause issues later on, unless I miss something?

Car alarm with engine immobilizer could cost $200 + misc parts ($15)
Can be problematic due to complex wiring - I briefly had one and it didn’t cause any wiring issues (I didn’t install it. Basic one with NO wireless keys). I am unsure if I can trust wireless entry - seen plenty of hackers on the internet. Can you trust these wireless entry? Intruder might damage the hood trying to disconnect the battery.

It was over 20 years ago so just don’t remember. It was from Best Buy and installed by them and never had any problem. I think I paid well over $300 for it though. Closing the barn door after the horse is gone though. Lots of folks here have traced a number of problems to add on systems though.

Just my WAG, If easily defeated by hackers, wouldn’t they be stealing brand new cars from dealer lots?


Stolen C8 Corvette Stingray Crashes After High-Speed Chase (
Detroit police investigating after several vehicles stolen from east side dealership (
Dealership that had 20 cars stolen last week hit again (

Yes, I suffered through many of those on weekends when posted overseas. Many car owners had cheap after-market systems installed that went off at the slightest disturbance, like a dog peeing on one of the tires.

It was fashionable to have such a system installed, but the owners usually did not live close by, so others had to suffer the false alarms. I once rented a GM car and just touching the side with my briefcase set it off.

The systems have become more reliable and robust, but as they age gremlins will set in.

Well if it is on the web it must be true .


Thieves using a $17 device to break into cars with keyless systems | CSO Online

And did ANYbody do anything about those alarms?? I’d guess no. Like the boy who cried “wolf” so many alarms screaming, people HOPE the cars are stolen so they’d SHUT UP!


@sciconf Go to the Snopes web site and get real info on just how a little of a chance your vehicle will be stolen with an after market alarm on it.