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Engineering an Alarm for security

Am I correct that if you can engineer an Alarm, someone who have similar skills or worked on car alarms, knows how to reverse engineer it?

For example, if you cut the ignition wires and install an immobilizer, the thief could track down those wires and by pass them and take the car away?
On top of these, these alarms depends on the battery - if the battery is made ineffective, that is the end of it??

So if I don’t want anyone to open my car doors overnight while I am sleeping, what might be a security that I can go for? It is an Acura Integra. It happens at the multi family complex that I am staying.

The idea of installing an alarm system is that not every car thief is that sophisticated. And even an individual who has helped to design a security alarm would not know which make/model alarm protects the target vehicle, so how to proceed? It is not that easy to bypass an unfamiliar system, especially when the horn is blaring.

I have heard that if a thief is determined enough to take your car he can always do so regardless of your security. He can simply drag it atop a flat-bed trailer to haul away.

Your alarm system should foil the casual thief. That may be the best you can do, and often it is good enough.

@SteveF Thanks for your input.
I am in a market for one of these alarms - maybe the one that require a PIN.

No security system is 100% effective. Parking somewhere more safe for example can go a long way towards making your car more safe, but no system is 100% safe.

There is a risk/reward ratio to consider here. A more sophisticated alarm will require a more talented thief, and the alarm will always slow down any thief no matter how skilled and knowledgeable. But the high end thieves are usually attracted to the high end vehicles.

So you only need a security system that is just beyond the capabilities of the thief that would try to steal it. All you need is a little more protection that other similarly valued vehicles in your area have. Better to encourage the thief to just move on to an easier target.

Now if you have a Bugatti Vyron, you will need a very sophisticated system, but then it should come with one, along with an armed guard.