Vintage car and bike racing

… on the beach, in Wildwood, NJ:


The TROG as it is known on the internet, is a damn good time people… Not only are there interesting old timey cars and motorcycles, but they are being used like they were meant to be used in a race setting of yesteryear. The people show up in droves and take over WW… The cooperation among the racers and the mechanics and the public is truly something to behold. People chip in to help push or help pull or basically in general they are as helpful as they can be in all the situations that the cars and racers can get into in a salt air climate…not to mention the sand.

Many people dress up in period correct “mechanics” garb…sometimes with goggles and scarf…sometimes without, but you can easily feel the enthusiasm and respect they possess. Honestly one of the greatest things in which I have ever witnessed.

I was walking around with an old friend, who last week, on impulse, bought himself a Friday toy…and then 4 days later he impulse purchased another toy for Tuesday which I was fortunate enough to receive for him off the truck. So basically he impulse purchased $95K in toys… Also didn’t inform the wifey. LOL… Check out his new toys and his growing stable of vehicles that he barely has time to drive at all. Anyway he enjoys them when he can…and happy me because I have access to the keys to every unit in the stable…and today that number is still growing.

So you can imagine how a guy like me (attending undercover, as a tourist and non mechanic) might become very popular (should he announce his profession) at an event containing salt air, old electrical systems, old ignition systems, burning brakes etc… you name it. I had been unaware that my friend had told several male and female racers that his friend just happened to be something of a real mechanic… So I was rather surprised when a few guys called me over by name, offered food and drink (read beer) and began asking me numerous questions which of course inevitably led to me rolling up my sleeves, ruining expensive jeans and solving issues for guys that “No Mechanic could figure out”… I cant take all the praise, just because others are truly incompetent, but I do enjoy those sort of problems and always can see it through to being fully functional…so I did my thing.

Fixing the “unfixable” was maybe the WORST thing I could’ve done to my (undercover, tourist) weekend… There were guys and gals again asking for me by name…telling me stories about myself, and basically employing me in countless scenarios and I did indeed solve quite a few interesting issues for people…that enabled them to race that day… so it was good. Honestly I had fun but… I wasn’t trying to be that guy yesterday, but my friend saw to it that my undercover act wasn’t happening. Good Times, Great Oldies.

Check out his $95K in impulse buys from this weekend… The Ford and The Chevy on the flatbed… the others are just gathering under the garage roof… sometimes planned… most times impulse purchased. Nice eh?


Chasing Classic Cars had an episode on this event. It looked like a lot of fun.

I agree , they all seem to be having a good time but they are openly prejudiced against non Fords. For example, cars with six cylinder engines can only match race.