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35 Sweet Rides

…photographed at the annual Race of Gentlemen, on the beach in Wildwood, NJ:

Just be patient as the photos load!


Of all the vehicles pictured, the one I’d want most is that Chevy cab-over transporter. I’d love to have something like that.

I like that 57 Olds Super 88, had one when I was in high school.

I like the '41 Ford hot rod (purple) and the '72 Riviera. What do you call that revolver shifter in that Nomad? Is that a 6 on the tree?

Well if you are in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and want to see over 10,000 64 and older cars in person, take in the Back to the 50’s show.

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Admittedly 9,000 of them are '57 Chevys, but the rest is great variety. :wink:

I always find myself out of town for this now - haven’t been in probably 10 years, but it’s a really great show if you can make it.

Then there are at least 9000 beautiful cars at the show. :slightly_smiling_face:

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George’s sweet ride:

I don’t know if I’ve seen a lot of 57 Chevys but Mustangs are not allowed which is a good thing.