35 Sweet Rides


…photographed at the annual Race of Gentlemen, on the beach in Wildwood, NJ:

Just be patient as the photos load!


Of all the vehicles pictured, the one I’d want most is that Chevy cab-over transporter. I’d love to have something like that.


I like that 57 Olds Super 88, had one when I was in high school.


I like the '41 Ford hot rod (purple) and the '72 Riviera. What do you call that revolver shifter in that Nomad? Is that a 6 on the tree?


Well if you are in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and want to see over 10,000 64 and older cars in person, take in the Back to the 50’s show.


Admittedly 9,000 of them are '57 Chevys, but the rest is great variety. :wink:

I always find myself out of town for this now - haven’t been in probably 10 years, but it’s a really great show if you can make it.


Then there are at least 9000 beautiful cars at the show. :slightly_smiling_face:


George’s sweet ride:


I don’t know if I’ve seen a lot of 57 Chevys but Mustangs are not allowed which is a good thing.