Vin number


Does anyone know where the vin number is located on a 1951 chevy sedan 4 dour deluxe?


Have you tried

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I checked all 16 pages for '49-'54 and nothing related to VINs.


Did they even use VINs back then?
check the firewall inside the engine bay on the driver’s side and driver’s side door jamb, it should be in there, if they put one on the car.


They did use VIN nubers back then and I think it is stamped someplace on the drivers side inbetween the door hinges. Someplace around there.


They didn’t really have VIN’s like we think of them, they just had serial numbers, which were stamped on various parts of the engine, drive train and body. It’ll probably be 6 or 7 digits long. The firewall and the door jamb are common places, as well as stamped under the back seat. Sometimes the engine number is the same as the body number (assuming an original engine), but sometimes not.