Vin locations

I have recently bought a 1982 chevy k10 and it wad broke down but I fixed it and when I went to register it I found that my VIN had been taken off the dash it had been repainted befor so there was no sticker in the door jam and there was no sticker in the glove box. So if anybody knows were there is another VIN is it would be apreciated

Usually, it’s stamped into the frame near the steering box. The Service Manager (not the service writer) at any Chevy dealer should know for sure.

Other GM locations include on the top frame rail, passenger side, just behind the front suspension mounts. Also, top frame rail, facing up, under the drivers seat. A mirror and flashlight are needed to see it…

Scroll down to the post with pictures…

I have intense concern that you have purchased a stolen vehicle.
All vehicles sold after 1980 must have a visible “Public” VIN in a uniform 17 digit format clearly displayed in the lower left windshield area.

The Nadar sticker on the drivers door, while not a legal public VIN, is the second most common place to find the ID number. Both of these are missing on your vehicle.

As stated, there are “confidential” or Con VIN’s stamped into (supposedly) secret locations on your vehicle. They may also very well be missing.

How well do you know the party who sold you the vehicle? It is illegal in all states to sell a vehicle without the public VIN. Find the seller and get your money back.
If law enforcement sees this vehicle it will be impounded for auto theft investigation and you may well be out any money you paid.

NEVER by a car without comparing the public VIN against the title.

Look on the firewall and around the inner fenders.