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Vin number on older cdards

Where would you find the VIN on a 1977 K-5 Blazer? How many numbers are in the VIN on this type vehicle and lastly what does “matching” numbers mean in relation to VIN’s on older cars?

The VIN is typically in the dashboard at the base of the windshield on the driver’s side. Matching numbers means that all the major equipment is original; the engine and drive train are the ones that were installed at the factory.

Older vehicle can have their VIN tag in the drivers side section of the door cutout of the body of the truck (find the latch on the body and follow around the body towards the roof).

To expand on what Jt said, “matching numbers” are only really relevant with collector’s vehicles where there are rare options or engine combinations out there. It’s especially relevant with older muscle cars where they made zillions of the base models, but only a few of the fancier more sought-after trim levels or options package. As a result, sometimes people would take a base model version of the same car, install all the options and badges that came with the fancier model and have a “clone”. These have nowhere near the collector’s value of a “numbers matching” car that came from the factory that way.