Video: Put the clutch in, you s%##@% w%#@%$

Maybe this will be less controversial. Are the brakes being serviced and not functional or does the “stupid woman” not know how to drive?

The behavior of the person yelling shouldn’t be too much based on what I’ve experienced here.

I know people hate to talk about safety here, but more drivers than you would think won’t use the brakes or think they don’t work if the power brakes are not operating.

Another thread just to cause arguments.

And another thread I can MUTE


The car works fine… the woman fails to do what she knows how to do because she initially screws up by not pressing the clutch pedal so now she’s anxious because the car keeps moving and forgets to press the brake. Now because her partner is yelling at her, she’s even more anxious and totally shuts down and does nothing and the car hits another car.

If you’ve never had a person like this woman in your life, you can’t understand the situation or how it can escalate when the person beside them does and says all the wrong things (like this bloke did).


I wonder if it got knocked out of gear and she did exactly what he said but it had no effect.