I am Clunk, your long lost brother

And mom was mad you never acknowledged me.

And the situation: The customer came in for an oil change, and in the conversation said she hated her Subaru. Why? Because the brakes were bad and 6 different shops had looked at them and found no trouble. She had bought the car from an estate sale with only 25,000 miles on it. Before clearing up the title, the farm house had burned down. She picked up the car 2 months later, and had driven it only 3,000 miles, but found it almost impossible to drive when it was dry out, and definately never in the slightest wet or snowy weather.

My test drive that snowy day confirmed her fear. I fixed the problem. What did I do?

You made friends with your long lost brother and showed your mom the difference between the clutch and brake pedal?

You totaled the car.

It could have been bad plug wires.

Really there are a lot of unanswered questions like how were the brakes bad?