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Another driver who can't distinguish between the gas pedal and the brake pedal?

Unfortunately, this woman was badly injured. Hopefully she will drive more carefully in the future.—-and-its-not-the-first-time/ar-AApSJgu?li=BBnbfcL&ocid=UE01DHP

yeah, saw that news yesterday. Don’t know the age of the driver…

I think that this would not happen in Europe as with a standard transmission it takes several different motions to start the car moving forward.

Im not sure she will be allowed to drive. I saw it on the national news last night, including an interview with her. She sustained brain injury and that might keep her from driving again.

But it wasn’t her fault. She is suing the parking garage for only having several lengths of stranded steel wire as a barrier to driving off the platform. It seems to me that this driver must have jammed the accelerator and held it down to get enough momentum to break the strands or their moorings. I’m disappointed, but not surprised.

Second time for this same parking garage.

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Not her fault, eh?

surely, she can’t be serious

She was the one driving, so how is it not her fault . . . ?!

But I suppose with the medical costs involved, she was probably strongly advised to sue

I read the article, and it says the strands are intact and the car somehow got through them

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I wasn’t serious about fault. I also think she was at fault.

Yeah, I knew YOU weren’t serious about fault

But the woman . . . or her attorney . . . may believe she has a strong case

What I don’t quite understand is where exactly she was parked, and which way her car was facing

Seems if she was facing nose out, facing those “cables”, then she needs to have the gear shift lever in reverse, BEFORE even stepping on the accelerator pedal

I hope she turns out okay . . . but it sounds pretty bad

That guy in the alley sure was pretty lucky. Apparently he wasn’t hurt, when the BMW clipped his vehicle

What must have happened was the edge of the building moved toward her car and then past her car enough to send the car over the side. They just don’t build buildings like they used to. She should sue the building contractor, the stranded cable company, the building inspector, the building super, the building owner, and who ever put in the street below that her car smacked into. When her car hit the street that caused significant damage to the car. I would never park in that building – but I would like to serve on the jury if her lawsuit goes to court :slight_smile:


Apparently, this parking garage is cursed. Makes sense to me since this is the parking garage you would use to visit the historic Driskill Hotel in Austin, TX, an old Austin landmark that is rumored to be haunted by a ghost.

Maybe this is a job for the GhostBusters, before some giant marshmallow man goes up and down 6th street and wreaks havoc.

I don’t see any gargoyles on the roof.

Those cables are no guarantee no matter what the claim to safety is. Some years ago the state started putting up cable barriers between the lanes on divided highways.
One of the first ones they did was the Hefner Parkway (a.k.a. the Hefner Raceway) and it wasn’t long before several head on collisions happened when out of control cars went over the new cables anyway.

About 15 years ago in eastern OK an inmate escaped from a correctional facility and stole a car. He was spotted by law enforcement and the chase was on.
He missed a curve in a hilly area and went over the edge. The car dropped 7 stories and landed on the nose before falling over on the roof. The inmate crawled out and took off running but was soon captured.
Kind of shows the value of airbags…

OK, then in that case, her car was probably hacked by the Russians. DAMN YOU PUTIN!!!
Can’t confirm or deny this but “unnamed sources” reveal this may be the case and the total lack of evidence only proves the extent of the coverup.

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I’m glad you’re only talking about hacking the car

Then again, this being cyberspace, you have absolutely no idea if I’m dead serious or joking

It’s the universal motto of the tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theory fan-boys.

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Any photos of what the edge configuration looks like at the top?

I dunno, those could be gargoyles.

Yes! Texas Gargoyles!

Maybe if I put gargoyles on my car, people might quit cutting me off in traffic. Hideous and grotesque Gothic style gargoyles on the hood of my car and the trunk. Maybe it’ll catch on, and we can call them “cargoyles”.

Oh rats! Somebody has already thought of it!

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Good old Rat Fink, by Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth.

Picture 1

What is it with the Rat Fink’s extended pinkie? He always has his pinkie extended.