Vicks Car Cleaner

i have a 93 ford f250 (351) that i use to catch the bus, now my grampa told me that it cleans tires, i always have some vicks on me cause i love the smell and my nose always gets clogged without it(not sure why it matters but), so anyways, it did nothing, so is this some kind of old rumor or something? or like some kind of old person thing? THANKS

sorry, i mean he said that vicks cleans tires, not the truck sorry.

i think you get it

Can’t say as I’ve ever heard that one.
I could think of a cheaper way of cleaning them though; a small jar of Vicks is about 5 bucks or more.

tell me about it, i pay $4 to get a vicks inhaler that lasts me about 2 weeks, God knows how much ive spent on those