I am starting a buisness

…but I need to test the water first, so what I want to know is, if there was a sprinkler type thing that went under a car, for the purpose of washing off salt, would anyone be interested?

Or is there such a thing already?

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There is such a thing already. Undercarriage washes are commonplace at car washes in the Northeast.


Frankly I would just use my local car wash or put my lawn sprinkler on the drive way and drove over it.

If it’s COLD enough for there to be salt on the roads, then I don’t want to use a sprinkler in my driveway. Doesn’t make sense to me.

With todays cars and modern anti-rust methods all manufacturers are using very few rust out these days. Even in places around the great Lakes where there’s a LOT of snow and LOT of salt. So i don’t really see a interest or even a need for something like this.

Even here in Florida there are car washes that clean your undercarriage. If I lived up north I might use one of those special nozzles that you can use to hose out the rain gutters on your house.

If you decide to market this invention, you better be sure it doesn’t spray any water into the air intake. If some idiot uses one while his car is running and hydro-locks his engine, he will look for somebody to sue.

that’s why you’d put warning labels on it. that way if someone did try and sue, they’d be tore apart for not reading the clearly visible label with bright colors

oh, Thanks all!

A better idea is a “tire shaver”. guys, check me if I’m wrong, but if I have an AWD car with the tires half worn, and I lose a tire, I have to replace all 4 tires, as having one with a larger diameter will cause differential damage. So it would be cheaper to buy one tire and have it “shaved” to match the other 3.

Does this compute?
Or am i full of you know what?

Tire shavers already exist, and are used by many, if not all, major tire retailers.

It seems that everything ever has already been invented or patented. It’s hard to have a truly original idea nowadays.

I had an idea not long ago about rigging some sort of inflatable bladder to stick into the cylinder so you could do valve service w/o having to remove the head (or using an air compressor). Just for the heck of it, I checked the patent website-- already patented. Lord knows if it’ll ever actually hit the market (as I’ve never seen anything like that), but someone owns the rights to it.

Go to the government PTO website and start searching for your idea . . . see if it exists. If not, get an application and submit. If it does exist . . are you similar or does your idea improve upon the patented idea? Patent your improvement. Not all is as it seems . . . if you’re serious, go for it and follow your dream. Rocketman

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one, since the days of bias ply tires. Do the chain tire shops still have them?

Here in Maine it is a big problem, even with all late model cars. There using calcium chloride here, it’s worse then salt. After 4 to 5 years all cars are replacing brake lines and fuel lines. It’s a major state inspection item.
So far a car wash is the best solution.
Cars here are biodegrading after about 12 years