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Who needed some of this air cleaner duct for an old Ford?

Slow afternoon at work today, was cleaning out some rarely used cabinets, found 2 brand new air cleaner fresh air ducts. Look like they fit old carbureted Fords from the 70’s. I thought I remembered someone here needing some of this stuff. Rectangular cross section, see attached pic with tape measure, also have a foot and a half of the rigid foil-lined paper tubing to the air cleaner from charcoal canister.

Who needs this?


That’s the clean air intake duct and the heat riser tube for a Ford.


Whoever needed it (if he’s here) can have it for whatever it costs me to mail it to you!

That would be @GeorgeSanJose, unless he purchased a new one from LMC Truck. Hopefully, using his tag will alert him.

Thanks @BustedKnuckles, I thought it was one of the regulars around here. I can’t see just letting this stuff sit around another 15 years, I’d like to see it put to some use. @GeorgeSanJose, if that’s you let me know where to send it!

Thanks for offering @asemaster, but I found one already.

OK @GeorgeSanJose, you sure you don’t want a spare or two? What am I going to do with these things now? I guess I’ll just put them away in the back again and hope someone else can use them sometime.

Got a few old plugs and a dwell meter, feeler gauges and point sets if anyone is interested

I also found a box with some taper roller wheel bearings, grease seals, and some old alignment shims. Maybe if enough of us get together we can build a complete old car.