i have a right hand drive jeep…but anyways i get a vibration when i get up around 55 to 60 mph and the steering wheel will shake. it happens sometimes when i’m braking but not always…i’ve had 4 new tires…new rotars and brakes…rear drums and brakes…had it aligned twice and it still pulls to the right, i can hit a pot hole and it’s like the steering wheel shakes or shimmy’s in my hands. this is really driving me nuttier than i already am. my husband and mechanic think i’ve totaly lost it cause they can’t feel what i’m trying to describe.

my other question is it overheated and come to find out the hose that connects to the heater core was lose. replaced it with coolant and it looks like its not loosing any more but coolant came out of my vents and all on the floor. when i turn the heat on that’s all i smell what should i do about cleaning that up, and last but not least my climate control switches keep burning up…the main wire is overheating and melting everything…anyone else had these problems or know of some solutions. i would be very greatful for any sugestions.

The steering vibration at speed MAY be due to a incorrectly balanced wheel.

Also, have the steering rack inspected for leaks and/or loose mounting bolts.

The heater core may be leaking.

Wires burning point to a short somewhere. NOT a good thing to ignore. If the fumes from burning wire insulation doesn’t do you in, a fire might.

Ah!! The dreaded Jeep Death Rattle!

This is caused by some worn or loose component in the suspension. The problem is the exact component causing the problem may be hard to find.

And the smell. Ah… it’s a Jeep - open the car up - breathe the fresh air.

And the melting wires? - ah… sorry, but that’s because of the coolant leak. You can either replace all the wires - OR - stop using the heater. It’s a Jeep, isn’t it?