Can someone PLEASE actually answer my question?

My jeep has three issues:
1- It is running hard and vibrating heavily when it nears 60 MPH while in two wheel drive. It can get so bad that sometimes I think it is going to die on me. When in 4 wheel drive, it runs a bit smoother and the vibrating is less pronounced.
2- My heating system is acting funky. The blower fan only activates in the highest setting, and no heat comes out; only cold air.
3- My gas dial is malfunctioning. When I fill the tank, it never reads beyond 2/3 of a tank.

Actually no, not enough information.

  1. The vibration could be the motor, something in the drive train, or a bad tire. I think you need to take a mechanic for a ride and demonstrate the vibration to better identify the source of the problem. There is a known problem in the steering at high speeds on Wranglers which involves worn and loose front end parts. So, you should get this checked out as a safety issue.

  2. The blower motor has a resistor somewhere in the electrical circuit. When the resister blows then the fan only runs at top speed.

  3. The sending unit for the gas gauge, which is in the gas tank is bad. As long as it is accurate about when you are nearing empty it is doing its job well enough to leave it alone.

2nd vote for not enough information.

The folks who populate this website are some of the most knowledgeable people you will find - but they can only guess without more info.

Ever notice how Tom and Ray will sometimes say “When were you going to tell us about the check engine light?”. That would be important information. Same principle.

Oh, and you need to be aware that no one is being paid for answering questions - we are all volunteers! So it may take a couple of days for some folks to get back to their computers to see what has been posted. A little patience please. Your patience will be rewarded!

You haven’t asked a(ny) question. You made three statements about an unknown Jeep model and year. What specifically are you wanting to know?

UncleTurbo answered #2 & #3. These are unrelated to #1.

#1 is the one for which people need info. It partly sounds like a driveline problem (drive shafts, motor/transmission mounts, tire balance). Yet you say it is "running hard’ and you think its going to “die” on you. So that just leaves the can of worms completely open. Meanwhile, we don’t know what year it is, how many miles are on it, what kind of transmission it has, where things stand with maintenance (plugs, wires, filters, etc), whether or not anyone has looked at it and what has been said or done, etc… So there’s nothing that can be said.

  1. Not enough information to hazard a guess.

  2. A bad blower motor resistor will cause the fan to run only at the highest speed. To be prudent, it may be wise to replace the blower motor at the same time since excessive drag in the motor can cause the resistor pack to blow, and you may end up replacing them on a regular basis. The lack of heat could be caused by low coolant level, a bad heater control valve, or a blend door or cable actuator issue. A knowledgeable person who can actually touch the Jeep could tell you more.

3.Your fuel gauge issue may be caused by a bad sending unit in the tank, or it may be a gauge/instrument cluster issue. Checking the resistance values coming from the rheostat in the sending unit will confirm this. I suggest the instrument cluster because my brother has a Cherokee that he replaced the instrument cluster in for one from a Wrangler (he wanted full instrumentation), and the fuel gauge does the exact same thing. It worked fine with his old cluster, and still does if you plug in the old one.

I hope you aren’t driving in 4wd mode on dry pavement.

Just a SWAG, but have you checked the coolant level?  Could you have air in the cooling system

You’re mad because no one’s answered your post from yesterday, on Easter weekend when a lot of people are traveling and away from their computers? Yeesh.

Answer the others’ questions and we can probably help you better. Suffice to say, though, that for the heater problems alone you’re in for some vehicular surgery. Be prepared to spend some money to get your issues fixed unless you do it yourself.

“You’re mad because no one’s answered your post from yesterday,”

I just caught onto that.

To the OP - there are places online where you can PAY people to answer questions. This isn’t one of them.

Next time, be polite and just go back to your original thread and reply to it with the word “bump”

How ironic that rimofheaven begs for an answer to a question, and then doesn’t actually ask a question.

I suspected the OP was upset and had made a post that didn’t get immediate attention, but did not have the time to look into it initially. You see, I have to make a living, and helping out on this forum simply doesn’t pay the bills (but I wouldn’t have it any other way as I enjoy helping others and don’t feel my advice and anecdotes are worth $20-30 apiece). If you want an immediate answer, there is an ad at the top of the Car Talk home page (doesn’t appear if you have adblocker software) where you can pay an auto mechanic to answer your questions in a chatroom-type environment. That is the place to go if you want an immediate opinion on what could be wrong with your vehicle, but it may cost you twenty or thirty bucks. Here, you get a broad range of people, many professional or former professional mechanics, who can weigh in on your issues, and you don’t have to pay for it. Sometimes it takes a couple days to get a few good responses, but the help you get here is probably better than the help you can pay for on other sites. Have patience, and you can learn a lot from this forum, and it’s all free of charge. If you come back to no responses and your thread is no longer on the front page, do as cigroller suggests and comment “bump” to move it to the top of the list. People do this all the time, and it’s considered much more polite than creating another thread with a title such as this one.

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Well said!

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