Vibrational noise in rear passenger side of 2013 subaru impreza hatchback

It was checked by the dealer who said “everything was tightened the way it was supposed to be.” They found no issue. It doesn’t happen all the time, just over certain bumps. It seems to be getting worse in the cold. It’s not seat belts hitting or, as far as I can tell, not the spare tire apparatus. The car runs fine otherwise.

Any other conditions besides a bump you can think of, ie accelerating etc.?

Even if the OP is not mechanically-inclined, he/she should be able to tell us…
Is the noise coming from the interior of the car, or not?

Exhaust systems, struts, etc. are always key suspects.

Struts, (the Bump gives it away) they should be under warranty. KYB can also be contacted. They receive a lot of awards for quality, and they want to keep it that way. Dealers are not so great about replacing struts on new models. Go to Rep, and give him the riot act…

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Under those circumstances…Why would you think that the OP is still monitoring this thread in order to read responses 3 months later?

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This is getting to be very common, with requests to close specific threads as they are resurrected. I have set threads to close automatically older than a certain date a few months ago. I suppose I’ll leave it open for comment. How old is old enough to close permanently?

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