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A mechanical mystery?

I have a 2003 Impreza Outback Sport with about 120k. The brakes and timing belt were replaced within the last year and a half, and this summer I got new rear struts and a whole new exhaust system. Lots of money dumped into this car and I need it to run for a while longer. Starting this summer, when the car was warm or it was hot outside, I would get a thumping/vibration in the front end when braking, accompanied by what is almost a creaking sound as I come to a stop. This would get worse the longer I was driving in stop/go traffic. Now the car does it without being warm. 3 mechanics have been unable to replicate or identify the source of the problem. Any thoughts out there?

Take a mechanic for a drive with you, and say “that noise, right there!”

I suggest you have the front tires and wheel bearings checked out along with the CV joints.

My money is on the front struts.

Both these replies are good. I would also have the rubber bushings in the front suspension looked at, esp. if it has a sway brace or stabilizer bars.