Bumpy sound from rear when driving over rough spots on the road

I have a 1999 Toyota Camry I just bought. It makes a bumpy sound like something is moving in the trunk when the car hits rough spots on the road. The guy I bought it from is also the guy I get my car fixed from. He says it may need new stabilizer links and if the noise continues it may need new struts. Is he right? I need a second opinion since he sold me the car.

Since he sold me the car he is willing to work with me and replace the parts for low labor costs as long as I bought the parts. Now knowing anything about cars let alone where to buy parts, is there any place I can buy these (whether online or at a store) for a good price?

The noise may be coming from the rear upper strut rod bushings. These bushings isolate the strut rod from their mounting holes. As these bushings get old, they shrink slightly where it allows the strut rod to come in contact with the mounting hole. This then makes a noise when a bump is encountered.

Have him remove the side bolsters from the rear seat and the rear package shelf to gain access to the upper strut mounting nuts. And then try retightening the strut nuts to squash the bushings so the strut rods no longer comes in contact with their mounting holes.


Thanks! I will talk to him about your suggestion.

Meanwhile is it safe to drive the car with the strut coming in contact with the mounting hole. If so, for how long can I put off the fix since I am tight on funds having just bought the car.

You can drive the car. I know people who drove their Camry’s for months with this problem before it was realized what was causing the noise.


Thanks! To be honest I feel very relieved to hear that…

Are the spare tire and jack firmly fastened down?