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Noise in rear only on bumpy road

I’ve noticed a noise seems to be coming from the rear passenger side only when I am going over lowly on bumpy road. I don’t hear it driving on highway. What could be causing this? Do I need it checked out and something replaced?

You can start by double checking the trunk for any thing loose - but look in the places you can’t normally see. E.g. where is your jack stored? How about the spare tire? Sometimes these are under or behind panels in the trunk area. If you don’t know check your owners manual.

Other than that - yes you need to get it checked. Without being able to look it is hard to speculate - you could have a worn out strut mount, bad sway bard bushings, broken spring, loose or broken muffler/tailpipe mount, loose body part…

Someone told me that it could be a bad sway bar? Is that something that needs to be fix? If you don’t fix it right away, what could happen?

You really shouldn’t guess at such things. Have someone look at everything. A lot of places won’t charge just to check things over. Once you can find out what is clunking around then you can report back & people can talk about how important it is.

My 1992 Miata makes a similar noise when I’m driving on roads with any bumps, so I’m curious to know what was causing the noise.

I don’t know your car, but a bad sway bar link could be a cause.

Good Thought Rabbstu ! However, You Are Possibly A Little Late.

Kim Warner had this problem and posted the question back in October, 2009 !


CSA–You are correct, of course, about this being a very old thread.
However, my theory regarding this practice of “glomming on” to an old thread is that many newbies do a search for a problem similar to what they are experiencing–regardless of whether it has to do with the same make or model of car. Due to their inexperience with the forum, they do not realize that they should begin a new thread.

Rabbstu–If you click on the red button in the upper right portion of your screen titled “Ask a Question”, you can start your own thread, with your own question, regarding your own car. If you do that, rather than hijacking a thread that is almost 2 years old, you are much more likely to get responses specific to your particular situation.

VDCdriver, Of Course You Are Correct ! I Reread Rabbstu’s Post.