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While accelerating onto the highway we get a slight vibration at just about 50mph, minor but noticeable. Something to worry about? Also there is a water leak in the right rear tail light. Any cure?

vehicle year make and model?


Can the vibration be felt in the steering wheel?

Can you “drive through” the vibration . . . in other words, does it go away after 50mph?

It could be a bad inner CV joint or rims out of balance

We need more details, please

My guess is an inner CV joint. Mine vibrated on acceleration, especially going up hill. I changed the CV joints and it went away. the dealer was clueless. I used an old friend who had been in the tire business and front end repair for decades to clue me in.

The vibration is not in the wheels. It feels intertnal, within the drive train. It can be driven through, only slight vibration. It seems like a band from the transmission maybe? Possibly at the point of changing gears…

The bands in the automatic transmissions of yesteryear were adjustable.
Nowadays, the clutch packs in the transmission are not adjustable.
So–depending on the make, model, and model year, you may or may not have adjustable bands in that transmission.

As Capri Racer implied three days ago, we don’t even know the details regarding your mystery vehicle.

“Tagged” as Honda Odyssey, so presumably that is OP’s vehicle.

I just noticed that, “tag”, in the lower right corner of the original post.
In the past, I think that the tags always appeared in the lower left corner, so I thought that there was no vehicle identification.

Assuming that the vehicle in question is a Honda Odyssey, transmission problems are–indeed–a possibility, as are broken motor mounts and transmission mounts.

Unlike other automatic transmissions, Honda transmissions do not have bands. Or sun gears, or planetary gears. They actually have 4, (or 5) gears with multi disc clutch packs on each gear. This is why you might notice the shifting between gears more than on other car brands. Most transmission vibrations are felt at steady speeds, caused by torque convertor lock up. Some acceleration shift “vibrations” or judder, are possible, but usually it’s a flare. If this Odyssey has high mileage, I would be looking at the inner CV Joints.
If you are getting water into the tail light, you could try sealing it with a hot glue gun, or replace the lens. If you are getting water inside the passenger compartment thru the tail light seal, you can try removing it and adding RTV sealant to the foam gasket, after cleaning the dirt off. This has worked for me.

Mine has started vibrating as well at certain speeds. I can’t say for sure if it is when it’s under load or not, or what the speed is. Note to self - take notes.
Dealer told me last week that I have two broken engine mounts, but claims this isn’t a problem if the vibration didn’t concern me.
He also quoted me over $1000 to replace them…

Should I be concerned? Dealer said the “broken” part is the rubber bushing (one at the front, and one at the back).
Has anyone paid to have these replaced? North of $1000 seems pretty steep to me. Comments?

Forgot to say, this is an 05 Odyssey with 138k

Broken mounts can cause vibrations of the type you describe. North of $1000 sounds steep to me too, however not for a dealer. Their shop rates are generally much higher than an independent shops, and parts through a dealer are often 2X to 2-1/2X the cost of comparable aftermarket parts.

I’d seek a reputable independent shop, have them take a peek, and see what they think… and what they quote you.

Post back with the results.

Start with a wheel balance, then alignment for wobbles, water leak is a separate issue that needs to be addressed…

Broken motor mounts means the engine is shifting around. I would take it to a mechanic rated well in the Mechanic Files link. Also, I would get the transmission serviced at Honda. They have a multiple drain and fill method and you would be sure to get Honda transmission fluid only.