I have a 2000 Honday Odyssey and when my car reaches to about 75 the front end will vibrate. I also have problems with a hard vibration when I brake, usually at 40 mph and higher. The vibration when I brake sometimes is so hard that its difficult to keep the car straight. What could this be?

Your braking problems are most likely due to warped brake rotors. The fix is replacing them and likely the pads since your brakes have to be pulled apart anyway.

Above 75MPH may be your wheel balance. However your warped rotors possibly are the cause.

The vibration while braking is most likely caused by warped brake rotors. The high-speed vibration could be out-of-balance wheels/tires, or a bent wheel. Has anyone checked the wheel balance lately? I’d look at the alignment, too, just to be sure.

I have had my alignment checked and also my brakes and both I am told are fine. This is by 2 different mechanics.

Loose or worn suspension parts, or steering parts. Have them checked by a good shop.

Out of balance badly worn or defective tyres or wheels. Rotate the wheels front to back see if there is a change. Also check air pressure.

Have the rotors checked with a dial indicator, balance the tires, and go from there…