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my car is FORD C.V. at 50+ mile/h. starts slight vibrating. did alignment and leaded front tires, but no success.

Alignment and tire balancing are not something an amateur can do. These jobs require professional tools and equipment. Take your car to a professional. If you are not sure where to go, click on “Actual Car Info” above, choose “Mechanics Files” and enter your zip code.

Suspension problems are not something to mess around with–any failure could be catastrophic–imagine losing steering ability at 50+ mph.

[i]  leaded front tires[/i]  ?????   

 Have you tried moving the front tyres left to right and right to left?  Did the vibration move with the tyres?

I Agree With Where Joseph Is Going. This Is Most Likely A Bad Tire Or Bent Wheel Rim.

Even a sqaure tire can be balanced but you need round ones with no unusual lateral or radial run-out. Old tires get all gnarly. The belts shift.

At a very slow speed in a parking lot, can you discern a very slight back-and-forth motion in the front or rear ?