2013 Ford Focus bad vibration

My car vibrates horribly at highway speeds. I just had tire alignment done and it helped a little bit but I could still feel it. Just went on a pretty long trip and coming back it was worse than it has ever been.

Did you also have the tires balanced as well or just an alignment? I’d be sure to have the tire balance checked - not just balanced, but actually spun up on a balancer so the tech can see if the wheel is bent, the tire is damaged and finally if the wheel is actually out of balance. Do all 4, especially if you have hit a curb, parking block or really big pothole recently.

Next, have the shop look for a bent hub - the thing the wheels are bolted to - and damaged brake rotors. Also have the driveshafts and CV joints checked for problems. Good Luck and please report back with what you find.

No i didn’t have it balanced I am going to get it checked on Thursday. I am pretty sure it’s the balance that needs work. Thank you!