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Wheel vibration @ freeway speed

I have a 2004 chevy malibu LT V6. Got it in 2009 from a dealership near where I live. During the road test I did not notice the vibration, may be because I did not drive it on a freeway. Point to be noted that it came with 2 brand new front tires.

I called the dealership and they did balanced the wheels for free of charge. But the problem did not go away. This time I took my car to pepboys for wheel balancing. It is better now but I still feel the vibration on the wheel @ the speed of 60 or over. I have done wheel balancing and replaced back tires. Problem still remains. I own some other cars and they don’t have this issue.

You need to take it to a good front end/alignment shop. You could have an actual problem with one of the tires beyond just a balance problem. But you could also easily have another more serious problem like a bad wheel bearing or tie rod.

When you say “still feel the vibration on the wheel” do you mean the steering wheel? If so, then, if it hasn’t been done move the front tires to the back & see if that’s still true. If it is then all the more reason to move beyond the tires.

Appreciate your input. Yes, I meant vibration on the steering wheel! Per your suggesstion, I will rotate the tires and see. thanks a lot.

You need to take the next step and have the wheel alignment checked.

I suggest a shop that specializes in this sort of thing rather than a chain store like Pep Boys.

Point noted. Thank you very much!

In addition to having the front end checked out and an alignment done by a competent chassis shop, you may also ask them to do a “road force balancing” on the wheels/tires. This type of machine balances the wheel/tire while applying a simuolated roadforce via a spinning drum pressed against the tire tread. These machines can detect internal tire problems and other anomolies that regular balancing machines cannot.

Could you please recommend a chasis shop in Vallejo area for “Road force balancing”? Appreciated!

Has anyone checked the wheels? A wheel can get bent and cause the problem. Hopefully anyone doing all that other checking would check the wheel, but ?? Also consider worn or defective wheel bearings.