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2007 Ford Focus front vibration

So I have a 2007 focus that my wife had purchased before we begun dating when the car was about a year old. It develops a front vibration between the speeds of 50 and 65…where it starts to even out a little. I would like to think of this as a allignment problem (i guess we should be checking on the allignment more often) this occurs after about a year of new tires. we are about to purchase new tires for the car again, and i dont want to end up buying new tires every other year for the car. is there anything i can do about this issue?

Well if you’re replacing new tires with more new tires after only 1 year, either your alignment was WAY out or they were horribly unbalanced. I’d look into any kind of warranty available to you from whoever did the work previously. Outside of that the balancing and alignment need to be right. This means no veering either direction when you let go of the wheel on the highway and no mysterious vibrations. Are they cheap tires you put on it last year? I’m suffering from cheap tire itis and it’s only been about 3000 miles for me!

What you describe is usually a tire out of balance and seldom alignment…Have all 4 wheels balanced and tires inspected for defects (about $50) and see if that cures it…

Yep, I agree with caddyman. I put some cooper tires on my truck about 3000 miles ago. They have a 65k mile warranty but developed a shutter at highway speeds recently. Took it back and their balance was way out. This helped 98% but I’m convinced they’re lousy tires. Anywho, have them rebalanced and see what happens. New tires after one year is way too soon