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Vibration With highway speed acceleration

I have a 2001 Chevy express and when I’m accelerating at higher speeds like from 70-90 mph I hear a vibration oscillating on and off ever 1-2 seconds what do you guys think it could be :thinking: thanks for you knowledge beforehand,thanks

Is it 4 wheel drive or rear wheel drive? Either way my first thought is U-joints, second is front hubs.

It’s a 2 wheel drive

90 mph in a 18 year old full size van ?

pinion bearing going out.


If you don’t feel the vibration in the steering wheel, more likely this is coming from the transmission, driveshaft, or rear wheels. If it is worse during acceleration, the first two are the prime suspects. If it vibrates at speed even with no acceleration, or when coasting down through that speed, something to do w/the rear wheels.

Sometimes we call that a rattle, a vibration is something that you feel.

I hooked a scan tool up to it and it pulled a crankshaft sensor code, a camshaft sensor code, and something with the timing

Any misfire codes, something like p0300, p0301 etc?

It didn’t throw any misfire codes

What were the p-numbers for the codes that you refer to above?

Why did you withhold the information about the check engine light? Any more info you plan on entering into the mix later on?

I don’t remember them