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Car/Engine vibrates when accelerating on freeway

Recently I noticed my car vibrates to left and right when I hit the pedal and the speed is around 40mph and above. The car runs smooth if I maintain the speed.
The car has 176K and running quite good and I am about to have the timing belt service.
I am just curious what could cause this: timing belt? fuel filter?
Update: fixed typo Mph. the car is 2001 acura TL so it has front wheel drive.

If front wheel drive, get two new axles.

Check you motor mounts

I agree with insightful.
The reported symptoms are consistent with worn-out CV joints (probably the inner ones), and replacing both front drive axles is what is probably necessary–if this mystery vehicle has FWD.

40MPS — All vehicles will vibrate at 40 miles per second – Sorry, I could not stop myself from this bit of nonsense.

Another agree for drive shafts.

We don’t know what kind of car you have, so please tell us.

I am very sure the engine mount is good because i ramped up the RPM while in park and observe the engine with hood open. If the the worn-out CV jonts cause the vibration then should they also cause vibration when I hit the brake?

No - because braking is applied to the suspension - not the drive train.

…but we would still like the OP to clear up the mystery regarding exactly what type (make, model, model year) vehicle he is talking about.

OP edited original post with more information. But I think they should just have a good mechanic look at the car soon.

Okay, now that we know the OP is driving a 13 year old FWD vehicle, I feel very comfortable saying that he needs to replace both drive axles.

does this problem need to be addressed immediately? or I can wait for a couple 1-2 months when I have the timing belt service? I will report back the findings from the mechanic

Hello guys,
I brought my car to a local shop and the mechanic also said the CV joints. He quoted me $350(includes labor) using after market parts and $700 using Honda parts. The car has $180K so should I use original parts?

You could try aftermarket, but if your going to keep it I would do oem.


Do not use chinese new parts . . . low quality, and they won’t last