Honda Accord 05 - Seems like vibrating tire when accelerating at 60mph

I have a 2005 Honda Accord 4 Dr. When I accelerate starting at 60 mph to about 70 mph, it seems as though my tire is vibrating yet after 70 mph everything seems to be ok. I feel like it’s coming from the back, but can’t really tell. I’ve replaced my tires, balanced them, rotated them, balanced them again, even had my front axle replaced because the mechanic thought the axle was the problem. Yet my issue still persists. Any thoughts?

If you accelerate from 60 to 70, you notice the vibration, then it stops at 70, right? Then what happens if you let your foot off the gas and the speed goes back to 60? Do you feel the vibration as the speed reduces from 70 to 60 again?

Get suspension ball joints and bushings checked.
I’ve owned 4 Hondas ('75, '81, 85, '88) and every one had a subtle vibration in some narrow range of speed.
Even when all parts seemed to be ship shape.

Thank you. GeorgeSanJose - I do not feel the vibration when decelerating or removing my foot from the pedal. This vibration doesn’t seem like a light vibration. It is noticeable.

If you only notice the vibration during acceleration, and it goes away when coasting/ decelerating through the same speed, I’d suspect something in the front drive train components. Trans-axel, wheel axels, cv joints. Those are the parts that are stressed during acceleration. So I tend to agree with your mechanic, replacing the two front axels including both inner and outer cv joints would be the most likely place to start. Often this problem is a result of a bad inner-cv joint. But I’m assuming that part has already been replaced on both sides, and the problem remains.

hmmm … well, next I suppose I’d double check that the trans- axel fluid levels were topped off and the fluid in good shape. On some of these you have to check in two places, one for the tranny, and one for the differential. Not sure if this applies to your car.

There’s no trans-axel diagnostic codes, right? Worth checking for that.

If everything w/the trans-axel checks out, then you pretty much have to move on to the hubs, bearings, and the suspension components. The suspension components mentioned by @circuitsmith above are fairly easy to check, so I’d have the shop do a visual check on those, and at the same time a check for any unusual wheel bearing noise or play. You might also ask the mechanic to check the run-out measurements of the hub, and any visual signs of a tire wobbling or being out of round.

There’s one thing you say that is not consistent with what I’m suggesting. You think the vibration is coming from the back of the car. Does your mechanic agree with you when he does a test drive?

@supat2005, do you feel the vibration through the accelerator pedal, steering wheel, or another way? I also have a 2005 Accord. Mine is an EX V6 with about 150,000 miles. How many miles do you have? If your mileage is similar or higher, it might be worn suspension parts. Your mechanic may have checked that when the front axles were replaced. Both sides of the axle were done, right?

Sounds like CV joints.

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OP implies the CV joints have already been replaced, new front axels.

Thanks GeorgeSanJose. I haven’t yet had a chance to follow-up with my mechanic. Will need to this weekend.

Jtsanders - I’m close to 140k.

Only the right axle was replaced per the mechanic. When we removed the old axle - it seemed fine (no leaks, etc).

I finally went to a Honda dealer and they are suggesting that I replace the entire axle for about $800. They think that is the issue and that I should be using Genuine Honda Parts. Would you guys agree?

My mechanic replaced the right axle with this part:

The rear axle or the newer front one.

The Honda dealership is always going to want to use “Honda” parts, but for all we know, the aftermarket should be of equal quality.

I would get an opinion from another shop-but not the dealership. An independent alignment shop might be a good place to check.

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I think the OP is referring to replace both front half-shafts. The OP stated that it felt like the vibration was coming from the rear, but apparently isn’t sure and the dealership thinks the vibration is coming from the front, not the back. One half shaft has already been replaced using an aftermarket part apparently.

One idea, @db4690 often recommends a particular brand of aftermarket half-shaft, based on good experience with that brand, and not so good with other brands, forget which brand though. Hopefully db will chime in. The Honda OEM versions I expect should be ok. And $800 for both, parts and labor, seems pretty reasonable. I’d be inclined to go along with what the dealership shop is suggesting. Half shafts are usually serviced/replaced in pairs, not usually recommended to replace one and not the other side too.

I understood that only one axle shaft was replaced and wonder which one. The right axle on many FWDs is much longer than the left and is apparently prone to developing a harmonic. Many have a harmonic balance weight fixed on the shaft to cancel the vibration. Also, the inner tulip joints can wear and often rebuilders don’t machine out the pot properly which results in a chatter under acceleration.

Yeah, I agree @“Rod Knox” a problematic inner CV joint still remains the most likely explanation to date.