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Oh, please help... Vibration

My 2002 6 cyl Chevy Venture vibrates badly ONLY if accelerating (while turning right, or going right… Going left, no problem.)… And it ALSO has the same vibration when the van is cruising and gravitates downward, like in the slightest of dips in the road.
It feels like I’m on one of those rumble strips.
I feel the vibration in my steering wheel, in the gas pedal, and in my seat… Everywhere, basically.
To explain further, I can be on a highway at high speed, or in a turn at slow speed. Speed doesn’t affect it one way or another. But, while in a right turn, it only vibrates if I hit the accelerator. The more gas, the worse it is. The sharper the turn, the worse it is. As soon as I let off, the vibration stops.
This is so baffling to me. And Google didn’t help me one bit.
I’ve put brand new tires on the front and it didn’t help.
Is my wheel gonna fall off? Am I gonna die?!

No way to answer this other maybe. This is not what you want to hear, you need to have this looked at by a mechanic now before you lose complete control of your vehicle.
Also when you have time do a Google type search to see why you should have put the 2 new tires on the rear of the vehicle.


My prime suspect would be a bad CV joint, but that is just my best guess via cyberspace.
You really need to get the vehicle into a well-reputed shop for accurate diagnosis. And, while you are there, have those new tires placed on the rear wheels, where they should be.


Likely a bad left front CV joint or wheel bearing. See your mechanic. If is the wheel bearing, your wheel CAN fall off. The CV joint will just strand you an matbe do sone other damage.

A bad tie rod end can give you similar symptoms.When the tie rods are really bad, close to failing completely, the car itself will start to vibrate. If the damage has progressed this far, the steering wheel is close to losing control of the wheels and the vibration is being caused by the tires shaking on their own. You may not feel this as much when you’re maintaining speed, but usually turning the wheel or accelerating and decelerating will make the problem more obvious.Bad CV joint usually click on turns.A bad wheel bearing makes a constant grinding noise,more pronounce when you sway to one direction then the other.Get your vehicule checked out ASAP.

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I’m aware, but I put them on front to rule out a bad tire.