Vibration on the whole car


When I apply a break on my 1991 Accord LX on any speed I am seeing a visiable vibration in the car. I When I apply a break on any speed I am seeing a visible vibration in the car. I took the mechanic and he thinks it is the timing belt, balance belt, and engine mount all of them are contributing to the problem. I asked him to fix even after the fix I am still having a lot of vibration, what would be the issue.


Is this vehicle rear wheel drive? If so you may have a worn U-joint.

Other causes could be an out of round tire or one with a separation in it.

Perhaps a wheel is out of balance.


The most likely cause is warped front brake rotors.

Don’t go back to whoever told you it was the timing belt. The timing belt has NOTHING to do with the brakes, and, while you may have needed a new timing belt, it will not solve the vibration-under-braking problem.

Have someone measure the brake rotor run-out. It’s probably out of spec. New front rotors might solve this problem.


By the way, anyone who asks if an Accord is rear wheel drive is someone you should ignore.

Accords have been around practically forever. They have always been front wheel drive, and, unless Honda decides to produce an AWD Accord (we can only hope), they will probably always be FWD.

Have those front rotors checked by a REAL mechanic.


Thanks for the replay, Is this anything to do with balance belt, engine mount(Front mount is replaced). This guy recommended a rear engine mount replacement


One other thing I forgot to mention, On a 8% downgrade slope at 40 mph, when I apply break the vibration is really heavy but at 40mph on a normal road the vibration is very light.


You could have use a LITTLE finesse mcp.

All of us don’t know everything about all vehicles.


I agree that warped rotors are a good candidate. However, I’d like to point out that the car is a '91 and worn suspension components, likely in combination with worn out struts, are also excellent candidates. Cupped or otherwise improperly worn tires (caused by the things I mentioned) are also possibilities.

On a '91 I’d be inclined to go over everything thoroughly starting by looking at the tire wear for indicators.


Oh, and go elsewhere. While a timing belt may have been overdue, it’s not the cause of the problem you describe.


Thank you Mountianbike