Vibration on deceleration

My truck has a weird vibration on deceleration only 60mph and over. It doesn’t vibrate below 60.
When going over 60, I have put it on neutral and that vibration goes away.
Anyone has a clue what it might be the Problem?

Check your U-joints.


Or center carrier bearing


Or the pinion bearing on your rear axle…

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I have already replaced them 2 times with different brands keep doing the same thing. First ones where spicer then moog.
It’s a one piece drive shaft.
I have replaced the slip yoke as well…

Do you have the ability to use d3 or some other option that turns overdrive off and check if it happens?

I’d have the driveshaft checked for straightness and balance at a driveshaft shop. If a balance weight fell off, you will never get rid if the vibration.

With the overdrive off, does the same thing.

I been searching for a drive shaft shop in my town but unfortunately there’s none here, closest one it’s like 2 hours away.
I’m going to see who has the same driveshaft on their truck, so I can try it on mine and take it from there…