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Not a good vibe

I have 1999 chrysler town & country limited. The problem I have is a vibration that seems to come from the drivers side on the front of the vehicle. I am wondering if it is from a wheel bearing. cv joint or something completly different.

The vibration only happens on deceleration from speeds over 45 mph and goes away if the brakes are applied. there is also a whining noise from the same area of the vehicle that changes pitch with speed

Since it goes away when you brake and there is a whine, I would guess the wheel bearing is bad. However,a diagnosis over the Internet is worth what you pay for it. This is not too difficult to diagnose. Jack up the wheel in question, put the cr on a jackstand, and grasp the tire at the 6 and 12 o’clock positions. Try rocking the tire in and out. There should be no play. If there is, the wheel bearing is bad (as long as the play isn’t in the balljoint).

thanks, just looking for that confirmation. I will try replacing them and let you know. they are fairly inexpensive and look easy enough to replace.