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Vibration with deceleration

I have vibration on deceleration between 55 and 45 mph with braking. The brake pads were checked and ok so cylinders were fixed for warps and there was some improvement, but it returned. Tires were changed with no improvement. Any ideas?

your rotors are probably warped. (I’m assuming you meant rotors when you said cylinders) If they just turned the rotors, then they shaved metal off of them, which made them thinner and more prone to warping.

You should also make sure that a caliper or two isn’t sticking.

Finally, have the hub itself checked. Sometimes rust can build up on the surface of the hub, which makes the rotor go on at an angle and causes shaking.

Shadowfox is right. 10:1 your rotors are indeed warped. This is a common thing with vehicles that people have had to accidentally ride the brakes, or commonly have to stop quickly. Your best bet is to check the rotors for warpage, then replace them if they are too far out of tolerance.

You said deceleration and then mentioned braking. Does the vibration occur only when braking? Is the vibration proportional to braking effort and speed?

It would be rotors, possibly the front ones. I had the same problem with my Mazda and it got fixed after changing the rotors.