Vibration noise

I have a loud vibration noise from the very back of my SUV. It started I think after they either did something to my spare or rotated my tires. My dealer wanted to charge me 150 just to look at it. They wouldn’t apply it to the cost of a repair, so I decided not to do it. It is very loud when it is running, in Drive, with my foot on the brake. If I put it in park, it stops. What do you think it is?

It might help to know what make and model of SUV we are guessing at here on the internet.

My guess is that you have a heat shield on a catalytic converter that is loose and vibrating loudly at certain engine RPM. That RPM would be idle speed, in drive with your foot on the brake.

$150 to look into that situation is highway robbery. Find yourself a good independent garage and use it unless the repair is under warranty.

The SUV is a Toyota Sequoia. Thanks for the advice, it will help to have some idea of what it might be next time I take it somewhere.