Hyundai Sonata heat shield

I just purchased a new 2009 Hyundai Sonata which the dealer had to obtain from another dealer–thus it was sight unseen.

It is the 4-cylinder automatic. Everything is fine except for a noticable and loud noise from the exhause system at about 2500 rpm. This is reproducable by just reving the engine in park.

I took the car to my dealer and the service manager who of course had never encountered this before “adjusted” a heat shield but informed me that he had tried two other Sonatas on the lot and they all make that noise.

I had driven an identical Sonata before purchasing and had not heard this noise which would be unacceptable to any new car buyer. It is clearly a vibration of a heat shield or is internal to the exhaust system. Again, it occurs at about 2500 rpm. Has anyone else experienced this? Was the problem satisfactoraly resolved? If so, how?

YES…! I have the same problem, i have taken my car in to the dearl about four times now and they seem to be usless in fixing in. i have also called hyundai corp and let them know i am very upset that they cant seem to fix my car.

have they fixed your car yet?

If you can locate the heat shield that is vibrating against metal, simply take it off, and install a couple washers when you reinstall it to act as spacers.

You shouldn’t have a noise after that, and it should only cost you $1 at Home Depot for a small baggie of the correct size washers.


well, i was right. all it was just a Bad Muffler… my car is fixed.