Car makes noise when stopped

Car makes noise when idle or in park and vibrating?

I have a 2004 Chevy Cavalier. I had all tires replaced and brakes replace w/in last month. I also had vent knob fixed. I could turn the knob, with difficulty, but air would always come out of upper vent and not lower vent or defrost.

Now, when I am stopped (with brake on) or parked, there is a noise, not hissing or loud, sort of clinking or rumbling. I can feel a slight vibration throught the floor. Problem quits when driving. Also, when I turn the air/heat on, the noise stops for a second and then resumes. It only quits while I am turning the knob to the on position.

A friend said it might be the muffler…she got out of the car to listen. It is louder inside than outside. There is also an odd noise when starting the car…don’t know how to describe it, rumbling again, I guess.

Does anyone know what this could be and how much it might cost to repair…I’m so sick of putting money into this car right now!!


PS I took the car in for the knob probably and the guy said the cable snapped. He replaced it to no avail. I took it back and he found the service alert for the piece of foam. He then fixed that problem so the knob now works ($300 later). I thought that would stop the noise and, when it didn’t, I though having the brakes fixed would. Nope.

It could be the muffler, or more likely, it is a bent heat shield on the exhaust system. Take it to a reputable muffler shop and they should be able to determine the exact cause.

is the noise there if you turn the heat/ac OFF?

that would eliminate the heater fan blower as a cause.

does the noise change when in P or in D. this is an automatic correct? any difference when in D with your foot on the brake? how about when you release the brake?

It starts when I step on the brake at at light/sign. As soon as I take my foot off the brake, the noise goes away. I thought getting the new brakes would take care of it for that reason. No such luck. I’m a little surprised it wasn’t noticed any of the times I took it in.

Any idea on how much something like that costs? :slight_smile:

“I’m a little surprised it wasn’t noticed any of the times I took it in.”

Well, by mis-diagnosing this problem, your mechanic has made a few bucks. In case you are wondering where I am going with this, I think that you might want to consider a new mechanic. If you told him that you heard a vibrating noise when the car is stationary (and especially if it seems to be related to running the A/C), and he told you that you need new brakes, there are only two conclusions that I can draw:

  1. Your mechanic’s technical knowledge is sorely lacking.
  2. Your mechanic is a thief, even if he does not wear a mask.

If it does turn out to be a bent heat shield, you should anticipate a repair bill of less than $10.00, if the mechanic is being honest. If it is an exhaust hanger problem/muffler problem/exhaust pipe problem, the cost will be anywhere from a bit higher to much higher.

I haven’t actually mentioned the problem - my brakes were pulsating so I definitely needed the new brakes - tires, too. I just thought it would be something they’d have caught while checking other things or while driving around the block checking the brakes. (3 mechanics, by the way - maybe that’s the problem…?)

i am sorry, but i was not quite precise in my previous question.

when you are stopped in P; put the car D. any change in noise?

is the noise there in P? then move it to D; is the noise there in D?

now for four more choices.

iyou are relating this to a brake noise.

i am relating this to a exhaust shield debris noises the noise there in D, with the heater on high or on low? is it there in P with the heater on high or on low?


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I know it makes the noise when I am in park, after driving. When I shift to D the noise stops. I will have to double check on the others and post again. Thanks!

Yesterday, it was working off and on - today each time. When I am in park with or w/o my foot on the brake, the noise is barely there, if there at all. When in drive, the noise is only there when I have the foot on the brake. As soon as a move my foot off the brake, the noise stops. This is all with the air/heat off and on. The only affect the air seems to have is that the noise stops for about 2 seconds as I turn the knob to the air either on or off. The noise is also present when in reverse, if my foot is on the brake.

I hope I answered your questions…thanks so much!!

UPDATE! I drove today with the air conditioning on for a long period (10 min) and the sound was definitely worse. The dash vibrated for the first several seconds of turning the air on. It was worse when stopped with the brake pressed.