Vibration in transmission of 2008 camry

from about 39mph to 45mph there is a vibration,it feels like it wants to shift but it doesn’t,its so pronounced it causes a drorn inside the car,was told to be experienceing flexable lock up in the tranny. Is this happening to anyone else

Well, I am not familiar with “flexable lock up” in the transmission, and I have to assume that you are trying to tell us that there is a droning noise inside the car at the speeds that you mentioned.

It is possible that you are experiencing a problem with the torque converter not going into lock-up mode when it is supposed to, but that is just a guess, based on what you have stated. What you did not tell us is what the dealership told you that they would do about the aforementioned problem. Hopefully, they did not give you the dreaded “they all do that” line of b.s.

It doesn’t matter whether anyone else is experiencing this problem or not. If you perceive a problem with your new car, you need to persist with the dealership’s service department in order to have it rectified.

Ultimately, the solution to your problem is spelled w-a-r-r-a-n-t-y, and if the dealership is not forthcoming with a solution to the problem, then you need to refer it to the Toyota Zone Representative. If you take a look in your Owner’s Manual, it should provide contact information.

Don’t waste time worrying about whether anyone else has this problem. If you were the only person who experienced this problem, would you decide to overlook it?

Focus on getting it fixed under the terms of your warranty.

have taken this all the way to have gone before an arbitrator ana a hearing and lost the battle. Was told the car is operating as designed.Thinking about going after the lemon law.

Have you driven another '08 to see if it does the same thing? Was this arbitration hearing against the dealer only or was Toyota Motor Co. involved by having a representative there?
Lemon laws vary by state and often involve an arbitration process. In many states the arbitrator’s finding is binding on the car maker or dealer but not the car owner.
Often, the owner is better off consulting with a Lemon law attorney before even consenting to arbitration.

I don’t work for Toyota, and never have, but over the past year+ I’ve been into our local Chevyrolet/Buick/Toyota dealer several times to get parts. On one trip in I saw what appeared to be 3 near new Camrys in the shop; all with the transmissions out. On another trip in there I saw 2 Camrys with the transmissions out.

To see this many in only 2 random trips in there could be an indicator of a chronic problem. A look at ALLDATA does not really show any horrible auto trans problems but ALLDATA can also be incomplete at times.
You might also consider dropping by a well-established independent transmission shop and having a chat with them about this potential problem. A good independent may be privy to the latest transmission problem info floating around and often a good independent shop will be more proficient than the dealer when it comes to automatic tranmissions. Of course, avoid AAMCO.

Next time, please provide all of the details in your original post, rather than doling them out a little bit at a time.

I know two very unhappy Camry owner who describes the very symptom you have. One has taken the car back 3-4 times to dealer and apparently there is no lnown fix for the 4 cylinder Camry. She is awaiting a fix from Toyota and has complained to the customer service to no avail. She extremely unhappy as a third time Camry owner.

Toyota did a horrible job on both the 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder Camry’s this time with regards to the tranny. Consumer Reports currently lists the current generation 6 cylinder version as well below average reliability due to tranny issues and avoid it. The 4 cylinder seems like another to avoid unless you buy the stick.

Sorry you were tainted by the golden Toyota name, they are no better than anyway else and possibly worst if they ignore a noticable defect that owners feel.