Vibration in pedals when turning the steering wheel?

Hi guys, i have a little strange problem i guess
I have a Nissan Almera from 2004.
Its kind of hard to describe my problem sorry, but every time i turn the wheel, the clutch and brake pedal will give some vibration and the steering wheel will feel like its jamming (skipping a beat) sometimes, even when the car is holding still?
The vibration in the pedals are only there when i turn the steering wheel?

Can somebody point me in the right direction? Help is much appreciated!
All the best

Patrick , I am guessing here but this sounds like a bad steering rack and if so you are an accident waiting to happen . Find a front end shop soon.


Unless for some strange reason the ABS is activating only when you turn the wheel then you have to start looking at wheel sensors etc … Wouldnt think it would happen if it is holding still but if the ABS pump is going who knows .